T25 Workout Schedule

Shaun T is the man behind some of the world’s best workout DVDs. Having been the star of Insanity and other workout DVDs, he is taking his expertise to a new level with Focus T25. The Focus T25 Workout Schedule is only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Shaun experimented with the product and took several different individuals, who were looking for a way to start toning their bodies and lose weight. From it, he discovered new exercises you can do from the comfort of your home, that are less than half an hour but you get the same results, of an hour workout. Can this be true? Does Focus T25 really work? Can a 25 minutes workout give you solid results?

T25 Workout Schedule

Focus T25 is based on of exercise system called F.I.T. (Focus Interval Training). Which focuses on one muscle group at a time until complete exhaustion. Once it works that muscle to its core to complete exhaustion, it moves onto the next muscle group. Which is probably why 25 minutes is enough time to see real T25 Results.

What Is The T25 Workout Schedule?

The T25 workout schedule consists of performing a specific 25 minute workout 5 days a week, however on the 5th day, you double up and do 2 of the exercises, so that’s 50 minutes. Or you can spread it out and do the 2nd exercise on the 6th day. So if 50 minutes of this grueling, high intensity workout is to much for you, you can spread it out, so you’re working out 6 days a week instead, for a 10 week period.

The Focus T25 workout program comes with 10 DVD’s that Shaun has personally created to help promote rapid weight loss and muscle definition. The program utilizes two different kinds of zones. First, is the Alpha Cycle, and in this cycle you get 4 DVDs to help you get started and build your foundation.

First DVD to help get you started is called “Cardio” which helps you build you stamina, endurance and cardio of course. The 2nd DVD is the called “Speed 1.0”, which ignites your quickness and speed. It burns fat almost immediately. On the same DVD is “Total Body Circuit” which focuses on building muscle by working out every part of the body and is the most grueling of the 5 workouts. 3rd DVD is called  “Ab Intervals” which helps you build your core and helps get you those abs of steel. Last DVD in this set in the Alpha phase is the called “Lower Body” which focuses on strengthening the entire lower half of your body, from your quads, glutes to your calves. The Alpha Cycle is a 5 week program, which helps prepare you for the next cycle, that’s why they call it: “The Foundation”.


Breakdown of the T25 Alpha Cycle:

Week 1: Day 1-Cardio, Day 2-Speed 2.0. Day 3-Total Body Circuit, Day 4-Ab Intervals, Day 5-Lower Focus & Cardio.

Week 2: Day 1-Cardio, Day 2-Total Body Circuit, Day 3-Speed 1.0, Day 4-Cardio, Day 5-Lower Focus & Ab Intervals.

Week 3: Day 1-Total Body Circuit, Day 2-Speed 1.0, Day 3-Lower Focus, Day 4-Cardio, Day 5-Total Body Circuit & Ab Intervals

Week 4: Day 1-Cardio, Day 2-Total Body Circuit, Day 3-Lower Focus, Day 4-Total Body Circuit, Day 5-Ab Intervals & Speed 1.0

Week 5: Day 1-Total Body Circuit, Day 2-Ab Intervals, Day 3-Total Body Circuit, Day 4-Cardio, Day 5-Total Body Circuit & Lower Focus.

T25 Alpha Cycle

T25 Alpha Cycle



The next set of DVDs is the Beta Cycle, which is also called “The Core”. These workouts use dynamic moves that take your body to a new level. These 4 DVDs will create washboard abs, defined shoulders and arms for anyone who puts in the work.

“Core Cardio” is the first DVD in this set, which helps prepare your cardio and core for the next set of exercises. The next DVD is called “Speed 2.0” which focuses on core speed drills to help you move fast and super quick, so you can start to burn those calories almost instantly. “Rip’t Circuit” is the next DVD that works on upper body, legs, and abs, and it goes back and forth to different body areas, giving you a complete body workout. The next DVD is called “Dynamic Core” which targets your core through standing cardio moves first and then intense grounded ab movement’s. The last DVD of the Beta cycle is “Upper Focus” which really develops your upper body in all aspects, by using weights or a resistance band targeting everything from the waist up to help you look your ultimate best. Like the Alpha cycle, the Beta cycle is also a 5 week program.


Breakdown of the T25 Beta Cycle:

Week 1: Day 1-Core Cardio, Day 2-Speed2.0, Day 3-Rip’t Circuit, Day 4-Dynamic Core, Day 5-Upper Focus & Core Cardio.

Week 2: Day 1-Dynamic Core, Day 2-Core Cardio, Day 3-Rip’t Circuit, Day 4-Upper Focus, Day 5-Rip’t Circuit & Speed 2.0.

Week 3: Day 1-Core Cardio, Day 2-Upper Focus, Day 3-Speed 2.0, Day 4-Rip’t Circuit, Day 5-Dynamic Core & Speed 2.0.

Week 4: Day 1-Rip’t Circuit, Day 2-Dynamic Core, Day 3-Core Cardio, Day 4-Dynamic Core, Day 5-Speed 2.0 & Upper Focus.

Week 5: Day 1-Rip’t Circuit, Day 2-Core Cardio, Day 3-Rip’t Circuit, Day 4-Dynamic Core, Day 5- Rip’t Circuit & Speed 2.0

T25 Beta Cycle

T25 Beta Cycle


During the 5 Weeks of the Alpha Cycle, you will start to see amazing results, follow up with another 5 weeks of the Beta Cycle and you will be ripped, shredded and the fittest you’ve ever been. 10 weeks to transform your life for the better, and all it took was 25 minutes a day. So what are you waiting for?