T25 Workout Program

Five days, twenty five minutes and 100% results, this is what the T25 Workout program promises you. This is one of the best workout programs which gives you the desired results in less than 30 minutes, instead of hour-long exercise in just 10 weeks. As the name suggests, T25 Workout, you just need to invest about 25 minutes to get a perfect body. This program includes all that you need in your workout plan.


What’s in the box?

In this workout program you will get eleven 25 minute workouts (Alpha and Beta phase). Along with this you will also get a bonus DVD called and “Stretch”. Apart from these, you will get a quick-start guide, 5 Day fast track, T25 nutrition guide, a wall sized workout calendar and a resistance band. The resistance band is about 15 pounds and a good alternative to the dumbbells.

T25 Workout Program

The T25 Calendar:

The schedule in the T25 calendar is extremely easy to follow. You have the calendar to help you get started immediately. The first phase is called Alpha. It’s the foundation that prepares your body for these intense workouts. For the next 5 weeks you have a set schedule that instructs you clearly which exercises you need to perform each day. Cardio for melting fat, Speed 1.0 for boosting calorie burn, Total Body Circuit for sculpting your entire body, Lower Focus to lean up legs and Abs Intervals for chiseling abs. Saturdays are for your rest, while Sundays are scheduled for stretching exercises and Fridays for double up days.

After you are done with all the exercises in the Alpha phase, you should notice how the alpha phase has improved your endurance, strength, fitness level and physical shape. Now it’s time to turn over your T25 calendar to start the next 5 weeks of the program called the Beta phase, which focuses on the body’s core movements and strength. It consists of: Core Cardio for kicking your progress a notch higher, Speed 2.0 to really kick start burning more calories, Rip’t Circuit for a whole body shred fest, Upper Focus to carve & build those shoulders, arms, back and chest, and Dynamic Core for really shaping up and defining those muscles in your midsection and strengthening that core.

You will even notice in the wall sized T25 workout calendar for each day and its corresponding exercise it comes with two boxes, first, barely made it and second, nailed it. Place a check mark in the appropriate check box to keep track on how you performed and keep track of your progress.


T25 Shaun T.

T25 Nutrition Guide:

The T25 Meal Plan Nutrition Guide comes complete with 25 meal recipes that use only 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to prepare. Interestingly it also comes with a list of 25 “Keep It Real” foods which are 25 of the most nutritious, healthiest foods that you should always have as part of your diet. To start you off, you also get the calorie quiz, which explains how much calories you should be eating a day to help you reach your fitness goals quicker.


Who is T25’s Target Audience?


Focus T25 workout program is for anybody who wants to shed a couple of pounds or lose a lot of weight or maybe just wants to look and feel good again without incurring extra expenses in a gym membership or investments of their valuable time. Men and Women with busy life styles will find this 20-30 minute investment workout program an easier alternative than other workout regimens. It can work for any fitness level; be it a beginner, an intermediate or advanced. Each workout has a modifier who performs the exercises at a lower intensity level to help those at weaker fitness level but still working hard to achieve the same results.

Focus T25 workout program is not just some exercise videos or a nutrition guide. The most important and best thing about the T25 workout program to me is, it gave me a set schedule, a routine to follow and an excuse to get out of my comfort zone and make that change in my life. It stresses on a complete approach towards living healthy lifestyle and it all started with just 25 minutes a day.