T25 Review

The number one reason people have for not working out is that they have no time. They are too busy to find time to go to the gym. Everyone wants to look good, lose weight, get some muscle definition or get rid of that belly. However, most people have busy and hectic lifestyles and don’t have the time or commitment to work out to achieve these results. This is where Beachbodys Focus T25 could be the answer to your problem and solve the lack of time to exercise. T25 only requires 25 minutes to do a workout that would normally take you one hour to get the same results. If this sounds like you and want to exercise but don’t have the time, then make sure to keep reading my T25 review and why you need or don’t need to try this product.

Creator of T25

Developed by Shaun T, focus T25 is an in home fitness program that will give you results in 25minutes of daily exercise. These specific exercises designed by Shaun T will help you stay within the optimal, fat-burning zone. Essentially, it is a full-body workout for 25 minutes with no rest. The workout focuses on a specific muscle group repetitively until it’s fully exhausted that muscle group to the core. This type of exercise is called F.I.T (Focus Interval Training). The exercises are short but extremely high in intensity but they are over in 25 minutes. The results are amazing. Focus T25 as the name suggest requires a lot of focus for the 25 minutes that you are on a routine. You need to focus and concentrate in order to get the require results.

T25 Review

Cycles in T25

T25 begins with the Alpha Cycle (5 weeks), and this cycle has the following routines that focus on different parts of the body:

  • Cardio: this involves 25minutes of sweat soaking cardio that help in burning calories.
  • Speed 1.0: this will help increase your quickness, burn fat and get fast results by increasing your pace and also focuses on stretching and stability.
  • Total body Circuit: this helps focus on strength as well as resistance. You get to do this without lifting weights.
  • AB intervals: this includes abs and cardio intervals that help burn the fat in your midsection.
  • Lower focus: Helps focus on the lower body muscles. This is the key to burning fat.

The second cycle in Focus T25 is known as the Beta Cycle (5 weeks). It includes the following routines.

  • Core Cardio: core cardio helps you get shredded and ripped fast. It is a progressive core cardio workout.
  • Speed 2.0: Shaun’s calorie-scorching helps you rev it up all the way. It involves core-focused speed drills.
  • RIP’T Circuit: Cardio abs, legs, upper body repeat is the routine used here. You want to get ripped in 25 minutes; this is the exercise for you.
  • Dynamic core: in this routine, you move from vertical to horizontal and redo the same. It is a crazy core routine.
  • Upper focus: This will help you develop the upper body you always wanted by building your chest, shoulders and arms.

Bonus Gifts:

There are additional bonus tools that you get from Shaun to ensure that you hit the ground running. These include the stretch workout DVD, Pro-grade resistance band, 5 day fast track guide, T25 nutrition guide and a wall sized workout calendar to track your progress. The entire kit provides everything to help you start losing those extra pounds and get fit.

The entire program is only 10 weeks long and upon completion, can be followed up with the Gamma phase, which is a separate program which will take your physique and fitness to the next level.

Shawn T


The only negative thing I found in doing T25 is how much jumping is involved in all the exercises. I have suffer from shin splits and find it very difficult to keep up in the later part of some of the exercises. For those who suffer from bad knees or shin splits like myself I recommend getting a good pair of cross-trainers and/or orthotics.

There are those who use T25 to lose weight, to regain body shape after pregnancy, get muscle definition and retain it, and others use it to keep fit. The best thing about the program is that Shaun T knows that you do not have all the time to work out. That’s why the main benefit of doing T25 is the exercises are short and provide guaranteed results. Some days I find it hard to work out because I’m extremely tired but I know it’s only 25 minutes. I start the workouts, struggle through the first 5 minutes and then I’m done. It’s such a great feeling after to have completed my work out, when initially I didn’t have the energy or motivation.

Focus T25 Most provided me a set schedule to follow. A proper workout routine to maximize my efforts. A nutrition guide to help fuel my body with the proper foods. But most important, it helped me lose weight, get fit and become healthy again in only 10 weeks. What else can you ask for in a product that provides life changing benefits and value 25 minutes a day?