T25 Meal Plan

There are literally thousands of diet plans out there. Some of them effective while others are not, but almost all diet plans have one thing in common. These diet plans, more often than not make things too complicated for average users to understand and follow. With daily life getting more and more complex, a super complex program may be effective, but at the end of the day boring and hard to sustain. This is where Focus T25 meal plan and workout program is different. Simple and effective, the T25 workout and diet plan was developed by fitness expert Shaun T so that anyone can follow it, that’s why they call it the “Get It Done Nutrition” Guide.

T25 Meal Plan

Focus T25 Meal Plan Basics:


The meal plan follows the proven principle of having frequent and smaller meals throughout the day. People following the meal plan needs to have 5 meals spread all throughout the day which consists of: Breakfast, Snack #1, Lunch, Snack #2 and Dinner. What this does is it keeps the metabolism fired up, helps the body burn more fat naturally and makes it easier for the body to burn those calories. The amount of calorie requirement is different for every individual. This is why the program within the T25 Meal Plan starts with asking you to take a 4-Step calorie quiz in order to find out your daily calorie intake requirement. Once you complete the quiz, you will know the calorie requirement per meal and for the day for that individual. Although its best to stick to the amount of calories suggested per meal, it’s okay to go little over or under it as long as you stick to your maximum calorie intake for the day. Apart from that, the T25 nutrition guidebook also comes with a list of ‘Keep It Real Food’s. It’s a list of foods that will help you achieve your fitness goals quicker. These foods are very important because they are nutritious, delicious and affordable. Some of these 25 food items include: raspberries, bananas, oatmeal, brown rice, avocados, eggs, greek yogurt, chicken breast, salmon and other healthy foods. The guide uses these very same ingredients later in the book to suggest 25 healthy recipes that can prepared with ease. It shows you 25 recipes, 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to prep. Everything you need to help you stay on course for maximum results.The book itself is small enough to be carried to the super market so there is no need to prepare a separate shopping list for the meal plan.

Focus T25 Nutrition Guide



Fast: In today’s fast-paced lifestyle it’s important to find a nutrition plan that’s not only effective but also saves time. This exactly why all the instructions in the T25 meal plans are to the point and are aimed at saving time. For example, all the recipes provided in the T25 nutrition guide can be prepared in 5 minutes using a maximum of 5 ingredients.

Easy: While most other meal plans depends on the dieter’s calorie counting skills, T25 comes with an inbuilt calculator that does the calorie calculation for the dieters. It also discards the ”more is better principle” by encouraging people to do just a 25 minute workout everyday along with having easy-to-prepare healthy meals. The recipes provided are so easy to make that even people who have little idea about cooking can even prepare it with ease. Overall, this plan can followed by anyone regardless of their prior knowledge, lifestyle, fitness level, or how busy they are.

Effective: The T25 meal plan along with the T25 workout plan has helped hundreds of people to achieve their fitness goals. Whether it’s fat loss or muscle gain the meal plan can be easily modified to suit individual need. It will help anyone as long as they are motivated to follow the basic instruction and do the 25-minute workout sessions 5 days a week.

Tip: If you need help counting your calories, I highly recommend using “My FitnessPal” app. It is hands down the fastest and easiest-to-use calorie counter by using your smartphone. Just scan the bar code with your smartphone camera and it will provide the calories using the largest food database available