My T25 Grocery Shopping List

When I first started T25 my husband and I followed the T25 Meal Plan to religiously. It was structured, straight forward and simple to follow. I added my own healthy things to change it up every now and then. Unfortunately I wasn’t just cooking the recipes in the T25 Meal Plan, I was also cooking a separate meal for my children as well. Over time I found it very difficult to continually keep cooking two separate meals daily. So I needed to find a middle ground where I would only have to cook one meal that the whole family could eat and enjoy at the same time.



Now I would prepare 1 carb (ex. brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa), 1 protein (ex. chicken breast, salmon, beef, pork) and 1 vegetable (ex. broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini) The only difference now is I marinate the protein portion with more ingredients to give it more flavor for the kids meal. Something as simple as soya sauce, teriyaki sauce, Diana sauce, even adding more salt, pepper or rub sauce. We always grill our proteins and vegetables. Having an indoor grill is heaven sent. Cooking healthy meals for the entire family are the easiest thing to do now. We have a Cuisinart Griddler that you can use to make Panini’s and it has a reversible nonstick plate to make eggs and pancakes. Best thing about it is the grills are removable and are dishwasher safe. That was why I never like using other grills before, it was the pain to clean it. With this grill you can just take it off, wash it in the sink or put it in the dishwasher. This grill has made this wife/mom’s life much easier. I highly recommend picking one up. It will cost you somewhere in between $60 – $80. Best purchase ever. Now when I prepare just the one meal for the entire family, the kids get to eat something they enjoy and my husband and I eat something part of our diet.


Cuisinart_GrillI usually do my grocery shopping at Costco. I can find everything on my shopping list and the portions last longer since the quantity is much higher than most grocery stores. The things on my list I can’t find at Costco I pick up at the local grocery store.


Here is my T25 grocery shopping list:


  • Spinach (1)
  • Kale (1) – in the T25 book
  • Avocado (1) – in the T25 book
  • Broccoli – in the T25 book
  • Tomatoes (2) – in the T25 book
  • Cucumber (1)
  • Zucchini (2)
  • Asparagus (2)
  • Edamame (2)
  • Green Beans (2)
  • Bell Peppers (1) – in the T25 book
  • Garbanzo beans (2) – in the T25 book
  • Sweet Potatoes (2) – in the T25 book
  • Bananas (1) – in the T25 book
  • Apples (1) – in the T25 book
  • Oatmeal (1) – in the T25 book
  • Eggs Omega 3 (1) – in the T25 book
  • Egg whites (2)
  • Chicken Breast (1) – in the T25 book
  • Salmon (2) – in the T25 book
  • Smoked Salmon (2)
  • Beef (2)
  • Pork (2)
  • Extra lean ground beef (2)
  • Tuna (2)
  • Quinoa (1) – in the T25 book
  • Whole wheat pasta (2)
  • Whole wheat bread (2)
  • Brown rice (1) – in the T25 book
  • Black beans (1)
  • Lentil beans (2)
  • Activa yogurt (1)
  • Almond Butter (2)
  • Almonds (1)
  • Almond Milk (1)
  • Green tea (1) provides the following benefits: Antioxidants, fat loss, improved brain function, lowers risk of cancer etc. I use the same tea bag throughout the day and just add hot water.




In my list I usually don’t buy everything in one week, that would cost too much. I try and change it up every week. I do my grocery shopping on Sunday. I will pick 2- 3 vegetables on one week and then the other vegetables on the list the following week. One week I buy steak and pork and the next I buy Salmon and ground beef to change things up and the kids don’t get sick of eating the same thing week in week out.


Certain things we buy every week because of the nutritional value and meal preparation convenience. Like spinach, kale, avocado and broccoli. I use these items to make my greens shake daily. Chicken Breast, easiest protein for a meal. Grill it and have it with a salad or brown rice. Brown rice and quinoa to have for our complex carbohydrates. Last we buy yogurt, almonds, Bananas and Apples for our snacks. I placed a number beside each item. Number (1) means we buy it weekly. Number (2) we alternate every other week to purchase.


Last piece of advice is to track every meal you eat. I cannot emphasize the importance of performing this one simple task. If you do this, you can see what you’re consuming and revisit what seems to be working for you and what isn’t. Everyone’s body adjust differently to exercise and diet changes. What works with one person may not work as well with another. Being able to go back and see where you were able to see your greatest results is a good benchmark to help you adjust your diet, workout and daily routine. The best way to track our eating habits is using an app. My husband and I use “My FitnessPal” to track all our meals, exercise, water intake and notes in general. This app is so convenient to use because we always have our smart phones with us. At work, out at the mall, dinner at the restaurant. We can easily input the meal we just ate and see how many calories we have left in that day we can consume. Keeping track of your meals, helps you also to enjoy eating your favorite foods. If you love chocolate, when you have lunch, have a smaller portion. When you see you still have extra calories to consume. Indulge in the piece of chocolate. At least now you know you’re still on track to reach your fitness goals.